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About Us

Rochelle (Red) Johnson and Francis (Sheep) Lambe opened the Johnson-Lambe Company on February 1, 1935. Ever since then, our family-owned business has put service and simplicity first. If we do our job well, they reasoned, and give people good honest value for their money, everyone will come out ahead. That tradition continues today, and our customers happily return for it year in and year out.

If your focus is on grade and high school teams, or Park & Recreation and AAU leagues, you’ve come to the right place. You want to be able to focus on your players and the game, and to make sure they have what they need to play up to their potential. Our job is to help make sure you can do that. Johnson-Lambe serves the needs of teams like yours, exclusively, so we can help make your job a little easier. Here’s how:

There’s a huge selection of merchandise and options to choose from in every category, and keeping up with developments is a full-time job – ours! Instead of you spending your time searching the catalogs to try to find the right item at the best value, you’ll have a personal sales representative who will meet with you individually to understand the needs of you and your team, from the athletes you’re working with, to tastes, styles and of course, budgets. (There are no fees attached to this one-on-one level of service. We believe it’s just the right way to do business).


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